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Me Gusta

Move aside Tony Horton, Sofia Vergara just became our new workout buddy. She does her best, and we forget the rest.

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Australia All The Way

This bouncy Australian hurdler is gaining a lot of attention on the web from her sexy hip-wiggling warm-up dance last weekend, and, like all the male heterosexuals who viewed this, it only took us about 5.6 seconds into her warm-up to fall madly in love.

Hold up, women’s tennis. We’re suddenly interested in women’s hurdling now.


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Precocious Child

What? Did you think we were going to show you some smarty pants kid writing complex math equations or winning some prestigious award? Nah, to us, this guy is showing the real signs of early development.

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Ayanna Jordan Showing Off

Is it just us or did November feel like it completely flew by?! Well, at any rate, maybe some of you are glad time is flying by…that much closer to the holiday break, our we right? Until the time we start drinking one too many eggnogs, we’d like to introduce a new, startlingly beautiful model to the site – Ayanna Jordan. Whether you’ve heard of her or not, we’re certain you’ll appreciate this little photoshoot of this up-and-coming hottie thanks to Show magazine. Enjoy!



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