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Sorry Boss

You’re thinking time wasted, I’m thinking more like professional development.

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Video Games

Where was this when we were young!?

Pac-Man ain’t got nothing on this.

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More Marching Band Madness

Who would’ve thought that marching bands would get featured again on the blog. Oh well, here’s to the band geeks out there, this one’s for you!

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For The Nerds

We missed Way Back Wednesday, and Throwback Thursday, BUT we will not miss Flashback Fridays.

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Gotta Catch’em All

Remember how hard it was before they invented Pokeballs?

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Kung Fu Golf?

Now that he’s back in the win column, Tiger Woods can be himself again. What’s a day in the life of Tiger Woods like? Well, it starts off with a round of Kung Fu golf with Shaq. Awesome.

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Nerd Wash

In our travels, we’ve come to realize that some nerd types tend to have very relaxed personal hygiene policies. This of course is probably what keeps their geek goddesses at a distance from them. Limiting their daily worship to staring at desktop backgrounds and the occasional screen saver. Luckily, while it may seem that these nerd-gasm inducing ladies only exist in a galaxy far, far away, it turns out that if you have a decent car – that isn’t your mom’s – you can get Sara Jean Underwood to come close enough to rub herself all over your ride. That is, if you pay her and you stay in the car at all times.


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Why Do We Stereotype Nerds

Cause they make stuff like this… Come on the game is pretty fun but apparently that wasn’t enough.

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Mortal Kombat

Blood, guts, and… boobs?! When you were 12, the first two things would’ve got you hyped up enough to buy the game (or get your parents to). But flash forward 10 years and that stuff isn’t as exciting as it used to be. You need that one more factor to get you to spend your money. No problem, the developers/PR people at Midway Games feel the same way too. So if you haven’t already bought the game this is going to Konvince you to do so ASAP. Yes it is semi-NSFW, but hey the weekend is practically here. Get watching!

Sonya Blade



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Super Sexy Nintendo (Semi NSFW)

Remember the good ol’ SNES? Going to birthday parties with your buddies playing games like Donkey Kong, Mario, and Street Fighter? Those were the days. We’re a little older now and live in a time where video games are blurring the line between real life and virtual reality. But that’s not the point of this post. We just want to share a moment of nostalgia with you…with the help of Chastity Nichole. How else would we reminisce with you without some sexiness involved? So why don’t you sit back and gaze upon these photos, which combine two things guys love: women and video games. Though we have a strong feeling you won’t be thinking too long about the latter.


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