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Nice Try Ladies

Come on now girls, did you really think you could expose us so easily? Now, I’m not saying that the view from behind you isn’t spectacular, but what I am saying, is that I’m much more intrigued by the giant “hidden” camera staring back at me. In any case, we applaud your efforts, and we must say the audio was a nice touch, however, next time, try and hide the lens a bit better.

May we suggest you hide it in a tail perhaps?

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This Is How You Sell Whiskey

We love Christina Hendricks. She’s one of the most sexy, beautiful, and well-endowed celebrities out there, who embraces all of her voluptuous curves. And lucky for us this holiday season, Christina used those jaw-dropping curves to promote Johnnie Walker Black Label at a holiday party she hosted at her private residence in Los Angeles. Who says you need a fancy studio to do a photoshoot?! After seeing these pictures, we’re officially fans of Johnnie Walker. Hell, put Christina beside any product and we’ll probably buy it!


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