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Milk And Cookies

Cookie Monster, you are officially the weareuncivilized mascot.

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The Logical Defense

It’s happened to the best of us. We walk on the streets, go to the bar, or mingle at a party, and we see that woman with an amazing rack and cleavage too glorious to shift our glaring eyes away from. We try so hard to pretend like it’s staring at the sun and not look for too long, but we get caught. Her spidey sense tingles and instantly notices we’re not exactly admiring her new tube top. And, sometimes, for those unfortunate of us, we get stuck in an awkward position when she actually confronts us mid-conversation for our ogling crime and asks, “Were you just staring at my chest?!” We can’t help it, it’s wired in our DNA to look. Lucky for you, we have a video to help you make a logical case the next time she puts you on the spot for glaring at her bosom. Memorize these words. Who knows, you might convince her and you can get the chance to do more than just look at her chest later.

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