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Get Excited

Tomorrow’s gonna suck. It’s only Tuesday. What the heck happens on Tuesdays? It’s nothing but Monday’s annoying little brother that loves to crawl under the table during dinner and punch you in the nuts. All that however, is about to change. We don’t know what’s going down but it involves Kate Upton, a wet t-shirt, and perhaps a few Popsicles. Thank you GQ.

Yes, this is a video, go here to watch it. Check the gallery for her cover.

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We Need To Start Watching More MMA

Maybe you’re like us and you’re getting tired of the guy on guy hug fest they call MMA. Sure we love knockouts and arm breaking submissions but for the most part MMA is just a big hypefest. Women’s MMA on the other hand, has Gina Carano. Now we’re pretty sure you’d much rather watch a girl on girl wrestling match, especially if one of them was as hot and skilled as Gina. Props to the people at GQ who set this up. You just set off a huge jump in MMA viewership.

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