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Workout of the Day

Great form Candice.

Candice Swanepoel Workout

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Technology Is Great

Pretty obvious stuff isn’t it? We almost take it for granted. Every day we log on to whatever our vice is and we plug away. Today we hope that you will take a moment to sit down and appreciate all those little gizmos and gadgets that run our lives, and pray that they don’t one day form a union and collectively walk out on us. So why now? Why the sudden praise for those little marvels of circuitry? Well, let’s put it this way, just imagine the things that you would be missing out on if girls like Claudia Sampedro didn’t own an iPhone. Sadly, without camera phones and the internet, some of us would live our lives without ever having had seen such a fantastic body. Thank you tech gods and goddesses, may you forever watch over us and allow us to melt our minds with your wonders.

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We Need To Start Watching More MMA

Maybe you’re like us and you’re getting tired of the guy on guy hug fest they call MMA. Sure we love knockouts and arm breaking submissions but for the most part MMA is just a big hypefest. Women’s MMA on the other hand, has Gina Carano. Now we’re pretty sure you’d much rather watch a girl on girl wrestling match, especially if one of them was as hot and skilled as Gina. Props to the people at GQ who set this up. You just set off a huge jump in MMA viewership.

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Motivation To Hit The Gym

OK, give us a break we’re allowed to feature a girl on the site twice in the same week if she’s as fine as Candice Swanepoel. Not to make excuses but we’re in the midst of preparing ourselves for an entire weekday (that’s right WEEKDAY) of football, followed by a massive feast, followed by a food induced coma. Assuming most of you will be doing the same, you’re probably going to be looking a little chubby by the end of this week. Which is fine by all means, but you might be searching for a little inspiration to get off the couch. If that’s the case, today’s post will likely either put you in the car heading straight to the gym or back on the couch staring at this gallery. Either way it’s time well spent.

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She Can Take Me Rollerblading Anytime

Remember when rollerblading was all the rage? We don’t. It’s actually been awhile since we’ve seen anyone rocking these things. We thought that they were for the most of us, buried in the deepest part of your closet, next to your moon boots. That is of course unless you’re Jennifer Nicole Lee. We imagine her rollin’ along leaving a wake of destruction behind her, distracted drivers crashing into parked cars, cyclists riding into street signs, and of course guys getting hit by errant football passes otherwise perfectly thrown. Whether you catch her from the front or the back, you’re probably wondering why you don’t rollerblade anymore, then again that might be too much thinking and not enough staring. Like her shirt says, we’re going to enjoy watching her “earn her shower”.

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