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Workout of the Day

Great form Candice.

Candice Swanepoel Workout

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Every Man’s Dream Movie

Fast cars, speed boats, loads of women, and of course tons of The Rock and Mark Wahlberg MUSCLE!!!

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Ab Work

It’s quick, easy, it only takes 5 minutes, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Wait, what are we talking about again?

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Everyone Needs To Hit The Gym

It’s obvious, now that old man winter has packed his bags and is on his way to the Bahamas for the next little while, it’s time to get into summertime shape. No we’re not talking about beer league softball shape, we’re talkin’ bout all the ladies love me and want to rub lotion on me shape. Ok maybe for most of us that isn’t a possibility but hey, if the ladies catch on to what Miranda Kerr is doing with Reebok, us guys are going to have much more motivation to hit the gym.

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Britney Palmer Doesn’t Care For Lingerie

Looks like Brittney Palmer isn’t much of a t-shirt or sweater type of girl either. She seems to be pretty bothered by the clothing the fashion department came up with for this shoot. Maybe the quality was poor and she’s allergic to the material. Whatever it is, it does prove that there might just be a market for our low quality holiday sweaters.


Bonus surfing pic in gallery!

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Not Working Out

We love it when we see models posing for things and pretending that they’re doing something that they’re not actually doing at all. Today we come across these crazy workout photos of Crystal Lee. No it’s not the workout that is crazy, it’s Crystal’s booty that is a bit ridiculous. Come on you didn’t care about proper workout form anyways, that’s not what you came here for.

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Of Course I’ll Spot You

You know we’d be hittin’ up the gym everyday if she was our workout partner.

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