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Right in the baby maker

We usually don’t encourage (or even approve of) violence against women, but when it’s this good we just can’t help but laugh.

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In A Galaxy Far Far Away…

Let’s face it, women like this won’t go anywhere near your bathroom. Keep dreaming nerds.

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We Need To Start Watching More MMA

Maybe you’re like us and you’re getting tired of the guy on guy hug fest they call MMA. Sure we love knockouts and arm breaking submissions but for the most part MMA is just a big hypefest. Women’s MMA on the other hand, has Gina Carano. Now we’re pretty sure you’d much rather watch a girl on girl wrestling match, especially if one of them was as hot and skilled as Gina. Props to the people at GQ who set this up. You just set off a huge jump in MMA viewership.

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Oh The CFL

Another season has come and gone for the good ol’ Canadian Football League. Yes we apologize for not being up to date with our CFL coverage but quite frankly there are many other pressing issues that require our attention at the moment (like this). That being said, we feel the need to make good with all our CFL loving viewers. Since the Grey Cup this year was pretty uneventful we won’t bore you with those details. However, we will post this video that showcases a CFL (and NFL) legend showing everyone that he’s still got it. Next time someone accuses you of holding a grudge, show them this.

Joe Kapp brought the heat with that right hook. Respect.

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Kick Ass Chicks

If you spent your Saturday night watching UFC where you were only offered a little over a minute of a fight before Velasquez got floored, then yea we’d be pretty mad that we didn’t get a bang for our buck too… Wait, it was free. Instead however, we decided to spend our time watching the highly entertaining Pacquiao and Marquez bout that has us in a semi optimistic outlook on the much anticipated Mayweather Pacquiao fight of the century. In either case, we’re all fight fans here and with a night like Saturday, we’re left now wanting even more of the good stuff. Luckily for us, these guys have decided to put together a collection of equally entertaining women in the ring. As always, we’ve assembled a few highlights from their gallery to get you all on your way.

Bonus Keeley Hazel boxing pics:

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Dog Vs Cat

A classic battle! Place your bets…NOW!

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