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Good-Bye Friday

Time to mail it in folks. What’s that you say? It’s only noon and you’re boss hasn’t left yet? Well, looks like the two of you will just have to spend the next 4 hours staring at Katy Perry together. We know the both of you would much rather do this in private but hey, think of it as a team building moment.

Katy Perry GQ Febuary 2014 CoverKaty Perry GQ Febuary 2014 CoverKaty Perry GQ Febuary 2014Katy Perry GQ Febuary 2014Thanks GQ, our lives are much better now.

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Game of Stylophone

The Game of Thrones intro is pretty nice, but it probably needs more stylophone, thank god for this guy…

Although this was probably much more creative, we all know we don’t watch Game of Thrones for its theme music.

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Just As They Planned

Sometimes, things just go the way they should. The exact way that your coach drew it up on the white board, or how you totally (planned) called glass on that game winning 3-pointer. It just feels right. Sadly, in the real world, things rarely happen that way. Coach’s perfect play is usually botched by an unblocked rusher, and your off glass 3 usually never even makes it there. With that in mind, GQ’s photoshoot with Kate Upton came out determined not to become just another statistic, and lived up to all the buzz and hype that came before it. How so? The first shot below says it all.

For the rest of the photos go here, and if you want to go over the top, watch the behind the scenes video.

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Get Excited

Tomorrow’s gonna suck. It’s only Tuesday. What the heck happens on Tuesdays? It’s nothing but Monday’s annoying little brother that loves to crawl under the table during dinner and punch you in the nuts. All that however, is about to change. We don’t know what’s going down but it involves Kate Upton, a wet t-shirt, and perhaps a few Popsicles. Thank you GQ.

Yes, this is a video, go here to watch it. Check the gallery for her cover.

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Tolerate This

Or you can press the mute button, but either way, you’re going to watch the whole thing at least twice.

Since your ears are bleeding already, you might as well watch this one too…

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Track of the Day

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Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Meet Deb, she feeds Kangaroos and has just recently discovered The Black Keys. Take a little mental snapshot of what you think of Deb right now before you watch the clip. Now watch the clip and after you’re done, look back at what you originally thought of Deb and see just how far you’ve been blown away.

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