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Technology Is Great

Pretty obvious stuff isn’t it? We almost take it for granted. Every day we log on to whatever our vice is and we plug away. Today we hope that you will take a moment to sit down and appreciate all those little gizmos and gadgets that run our lives, and pray that they don’t one day form a union and collectively walk out on us. So why now? Why the sudden praise for those little marvels of circuitry? Well, let’s put it this way, just imagine the things that you would be missing out on if girls like Claudia Sampedro didn’t own an iPhone. Sadly, without camera phones and the internet, some of us would live our lives without ever having had seen such a fantastic body. Thank you tech gods and goddesses, may you forever watch over us and allow us to melt our minds with your wonders.

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She Can Wear This At My Fancy Function Anytime

Some might say that this is way out of line, maybe even uncivilized, but to us it’s just about right. Now we have no idea who or what Micaela Schaefer does but she is one heck of an inappropriate dress wearin’ gal. Seriously, there were probably tons of jealous wives and girlfriends at this function giving their men the business for checkin out that deep V. We can understand that though, you spend hours planning and getting dolled up for this event and then no one cares about you because Tits McGee shows up in a body suit that’s unzipped in the front and see through in the back. Whatever, that’ll teach you a lesson for dressing conservatively.

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