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This video best demonstrates the benefits of the scrolling thumbnail built into the youtube player along with the mute button. Enjoy!

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Nothing To See Here

Uh, we’re just throwing out the Christmas tree.


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How About This?

Remember the illusion we recently posted? Well, see if this one messes with your head too. Who really wears the pants in this relationship?


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A Woman That’s Willing To Get Down And Dirty

Come on guys, you’re all with us on this one, we all know that we love women who are willing to get down and dirty to get the job done right? Whether it’s stepping into the ring or picking up an assault rifle, it’s something that we as men admire in women. Now without getting into too much trouble with any activists out there, by no means are we undermining women and their ability to get the job done. As a matter of fact we’re praising them in the amount of resilience that they can show in their perseverance to complete the task at hand. At the same time we appreciate a woman that also looks damn good while she’s doing it. To prove our point, we present to you the lovely Jessica Jane Clement.

If the snake wrestling wasn’t enough, how bout a nice shower with a friend?


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Dump Of The Day

That’s right folks it’s time for the dump of the day. Today we’re going to feature our favorite EX poker babe, Melanie Iglesias. We’ve pulled a whole bunch of photos for you to ogle at just before you hit that mid afternoon spell of “wish I slept earlier last night” syndrome. Check the pics for now and if you’re still fallin asleep after these (we highly doubt it) we’ll have more for you in a bit, we promise. Trust us we wouldn’t lie to you guys would we?

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