While You Were Away

Looks like a lot went down this weekend, and if you’re anything like us (went from bed to couch to bar to bed to couch all weekend), you probably missed it all. Now, what you’re about to see probably isn’t real, but hey, this is pretty good for a Monday. First up, we have some leaked photos of the pretty, but otherwise completely irrelevant Olivia Munn. There is some raunchy stuff here but of course we’ll let you discover that yourself. As if that wasn’t enough, we have our dear Christina Hendricks who apparently suffered the same fate, and got her phone hacked as well. Considering the content written on some of Olivia’s photos, Christina’s seems much more tame, but still manage deliver the goods. Apparently, if you’re a celebrity, you always carry around your dirty pictures on your cell phone just in case someone wants to help you gain some free publicity right? Whether you believe the story or not, we’re sure you’re going to spend plenty of company time researching these photos, so enjoy.

Olivia Munn:

Christina Hendricks:

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