This One’s A Keeper

This is long, but it’s going to make your day. Obviously we didn’t actually find this on our news feed, cause if it was us, we would’ve left people’s full names in for full effect. Some of you probably won’t read the whole damn thing so we’ll give you all a rundown of the story. Girl gets tattoo of boyfriend of ONE WEEK’s face on her arm. Posts up on facebook and hilarity ensues.

Here are some points of interest:

Crazy girl – Sara: “We don’t really know each other but I tattooed your face on my arm!”
Blonde girl – Maria: absolutely loves it, thinks this is totally OK (this girl might be equally crazy)
Boyfriend – Austin: hates it (obviously) anything this guy says you should read
Random guy on page 5: “dat shit cray”
Random on page 7: “My children’s children will be hearing about this”

Here’s the moral of the story folks, tattoos are permanent, but love isn’t – don’t pull a Sara.

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