Your Day Is OVER

That’s right, it’s barely past lunch and your day has officially ended. Why? Well, you’re going to watch the videos that follow right? Let’s break it down and we’ll give you a summary of what’s to come. Blonde? Check. Tight jeans? Check. Serious booty? Check. And to top it all off, that booty is in oh so mesmerizing constant motion. So yea, you’re not going to get any more work done today, or perhaps even tomorrow for that matter, but who cares. The weekend is here, and what better way to kick it off than with some booty shakin? (Yes we know we used the word booty a lot but hey, we’re talking about A LOT of booty here.)

Booty shorts on the beach anyone?


Yea, the guy doesn’t do much… just ignore him and replace with yourself.

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