Who Does Victoria’s Secret Market To?

We get it, you guys sell lingerie. The kind of lingerie that our wives/girlfriends wear for those special occasions to make things exciting. Yes, we believe that for the most part, that lingerie is really for us. We won’t deny that your bras do a great job of lifting, supporting, and separating the girls, but lets face it, guys like us have no clue what the difference feels like anyways. Heck we don’t even really care if the bras do the job as long as they’re easy to take off. So this brings us to our point, why is Victoria’s Secret marketing to us? We don’t wear the bras or panties (most of us anyways) you sell. Or maybe it’s all part of your plan, you get us to stare at these ads all day and hopefully one of us gets caught by our better half and decides that for our birthday, she’s going to buy some of your products. If that’s the strategy we tip our hats to you Victoria’s Secret, and thanks for keeping us in mind when creating wonderful ads like these.

Candice’s Bikini Tease:

Angels, Islands, and Oh-So Sexy Suits

Behind the Scenes:

Happy New Year, AKA girls throwing panties at you:

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