Time To Do Some Yoga!

You’ve seen the wonderfully well-endowed Jordan Carver play with some big guns and show off her poker skills already. Now we have the busty Italian model stretching all those sore muscles with some fancy yoga poses, and, as you may have immediately noticed, letting those 32HH funbags of hers get some fresh air. (However, it does seem to be a little chilly outside, doesn’t it?). Although, with that in mind, balance may be an issue here. But as you go through this photoset, it doesn’t seem like Jordan has any problem at all! And by the end of the set, Jordan has us seriously thinking of enrolling in some yoga classes. Ahh, we can already feel the tension relief…in our pants. Be sure to check out the rest of the generous gallery of Jordan making all sorts of tree poses and downward dogs for your health and relaxation here!


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