Marielle Has Our Attention

As any follower of our blog knows, we love all types of women – slim, athletic, tall, short, stacked, blonde, brunette – you name it. But today, we’d like to add another variety of women that always grabs our attention. We’re talking about mixed women, of course! And to help you understand why we get all excited and uncivilized about mixed women, we present to you the gorgeous half Italian, half Filipino model, Marielle Landi. She models for Maxim and FHM, and does a helluva good job of convincing us why we should marry a mixed woman one day. Convince yourselves, too, from the pics below, as well as the video of her swimwear photoshoot! Why should you watch it? Let’s just say at the end of the video, she swims around in just a shirt and underwear…and it starts to get a little nippy outside. (Thanks goes out to one of our fans, Steve K., for the suggestion, some of the pics, and video. Great find, good sir!)



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28 responses to “Marielle Has Our Attention

  1. Kevin

    has definitely caught my attention! and the attention of the little guy down there too!

  2. Rich

    i agree lol she is hot!!!!

  3. S.R

    thanks for posting her! she s for sure my typea girl

  4. luke

    we love u marielle!

  5. ors

    i’ll be visitng this page more oftn now marielle is on it 😀

  6. sam

    thanks ! has my attentioN too!

  7. lisa

    marielle you are so beautiful ❤

  8. sean

    very very beautiful!

  9. richard

    that video is probably the hottest thing i have seen! she;s smoking!

  10. Deean

    Bloody beautiful

  11. Noel

    awesome! she’s hot!

  12. Rios

    Marielle is great!

  13. Wijaya

    beautifull and sexy girl

  14. Stanton

    hello sexy 🙂

  15. Paul.V

    Well hello there!

  16. aaron

    wow wow woww wowowowowwwoowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. chris

    a very beautiful and sexy girl! damn!

  18. Mick

    SHE’S DOPE!!!!!!!

  19. hunter

    best christmas present! lol 😀

  20. Pedro

    Marielle is very beautiful

  21. perry

    marielle is the best!

  22. Alex

    BEST MODEL!!!!!

  23. Kevin

    amazing beauty!

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