One For The Veterans

Today’s a great day to take a moment (if you haven’t already) to thank all those who’ve put their lives on the line for our freedom so that we don’t have to. Unfortunately for us, we’re not able to give our troops the type of thanks Leeann Tweeden can. As luck would have it, Leeann – who’s a frequent visitor to our troops over seas – is the cover girl for December’s issue of Playboy which goes on sale TODAY. Of course if you’re still reading this and not accumulating a handful of speeding tickets while on your way to your nearest magazine stand, you probably don’t know who she is. In that case you probably won’t get any of the poker related jokes we’d throw out so we won’t be wasting your time. Instead we’ll just give you a few teasers of Leeann’s top pair (tricked you) to send you on your way to the store.

Want more? NSFW action here. Or you can check the gallery for some bonus action.


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2 responses to “One For The Veterans

  1. I think the vets will love this 🙂

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