It’s Not Funny It’s Fear Factory

Don’t read this post if you’re not prepared to spend at least 45 minutes scrolling through all the content. We have discovered the BEST photostream on Flickr of ALL TIME. You’re going to laugh, cry, and caption every single one of these photos. If you’re worried that your boss is going to catch you slacking don’t sweat it, after seeing a few of these he’ll want to get right in there as well. This Nightmares Fear Factory is basically all about scaring the crap out of you and then posting your most vulnerable moments for the world to see on the internet. As usual we’ve got some highlights that include captions like “Don’t Hug Me Bro”, “Human Centipede”, “Hold My Purse”, and our favorite “We Called No Homo”. After you scroll through these please go and see the rest of them here. If you wanna get scared as well you should check this out.


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