Lolo Jones

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  2. Chuck Klasek

    Breathtaking, and a woman who deserves better treatment than she’s getting. Her record speaks for itself, yet some insensitive (*$*&%!s seize on the comparison with another beauty (who arguably doesn’t have talent comparable to LoLo’s) gets away with ‘journalistic assassination’!!! That’s why I quit journalism … it’s all about the headlines, never mind the truth. Lori Jones is the real thing! Period. It’s called ‘marketing’ people: most non-pro athletes barely get by…I say “YOU GO GIRL!!!” Talk about a woman who makes you wish you were younger and just as athletic…!

  3. Glenn

    Just saw a story about here for the very first time on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

    What a beautiful story. Definetly has the heart of a true champion. Even if she never gets the gold. She is putting out the effort and such a terrific endeavour is most definetly championship spirit and drive.

    Go for the gold. And be proud of everything that you are

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